Our Platform

To connect our growing network of physicians with patients seeking remote care, we've parternered with InteractiveMD, a secure, HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform that supports phone, video and email consultations. InteractiveMD allows patients to log into their website and schedule a consultation in just a few clicks. The consult request is then routed by our physician management team to an available physician in the TCN network. Physicians have the freedom to accept or decline consultation requests based on their availability. If they decline, the consult will either be assigned to another physician or rescheduled. Physicians can also predetermine the volume of consultation requests they would like to receive.

InteractiveMD is a leader in the telehealth market. They've built a comprehensive platform that simplifies remote healthcare, making it easy for patients to update their electronic health records, schedule diagnostic consultations, order lab work, and even get a prescription.* From each patient's personal health management dashboard, they can quickly and easily access all of these features. The system is designed to facilitate continuity of care by allowing for the electronic storage and transfer of personal health records. Furthermore, the audio and/or video of each consultation is recorded and automatically appended to the patient's record, making it easy for both doctors and patients to stay up-to-speed on past or present health conditions. Doctors' notes are also recorded in the system after each and every patient encounter.

Video Consultations

Video consultations are the most effective way to diagnose and treat illnesses from a distance. That's why InteractiveMD has made video an integral part of their telehealth solution. The platform combines high quality video, advanced audio, and secure data transmission to effectively simulate in-person consultations.

Videoconferencing is the future of healthcare, and it’s here now through the Telemedicine Consulting Network.

*Prescriptions are written only if medically necessary. All prescription medication will be limited in accordance with state regulations. Network physicians will not issue prescriptions for drugs on the DEA controlled substances list.

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