Who We Are

The Telemedicine Consulting Network (TCN) is a national organization of healthcare professionals specializing in the advancement and delivery of physician-to-patient telehealth. Using InteractiveMD’s advanced, HIPPA-compliant platform, our qualified caregivers are remotely connected with patients across the country via phone, video and email, improving healthcare access and quality.

Our Mission

One of the greatest challenges we face as a modern society is to make high-quality healthcare available to all who need it. Governments and health organizations all over the world are grappling with how to expand the breadth of coverage beyond its current limits while simultaneously reducing costs and inefficiencies. The obstacles are many, but recent advances in information and communication technologies have created new opportunities, such as those presented by telehealth, for expanding and improving the delivery of healthcare.

TCN's mission is to overcome common barriers to healthcare access by providing patients with on-demand, remote access to qualified healthcare professionals. With the establishment of our network and the utilization of InteractiveMD's revolutionary platform, we empower people to take better control of their personal health management and start living healthier lives.

Our Physicians

At TCN, we are committed to building our network with only the most qualified and compassionate caregivers. Our current network of healthcare professionals spans the country, as well as a wide range of medical specialites, and each is an expert practitioner in their medical focus area. Prior to joining our network, each physician applicant is rigorously screened, diligently credentialed, and extensively trained, ensuring a patient experience of the highest caliber.

All network physicians are:

Beyond leveraging the power of technology in the delivery of healthcare, we're focused on providing a real solution to the challenges of healthcare access. Our network physicians share our desire to improve healthcare access and convenience while reducing the cost for patients.

Click here to learn more about our Medical Director and his vision for expanding healthcare delivery through InteractiveMD.

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