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Company Information

What is the Telemedicine Consulting Network?

The Telemedicine Consulting Network (TCN) is a national organization of healthcare professionals specializing in the advancement and delivery of physician-to-patient telehealth. Using InteractiveMD’s advanced, HIPPA-compliant platform, our qualified caregivers are remotely connected with patients across the country via phone, video and email, improving healthcare access and quality.

What platform does TCN use to facilitate telemdedicine?

To connect our growing network of physicians with patients seeking remote care, we've parternered with InteractiveMD, a secure, HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform that supports phone, video and email consultations.

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Who are the physicians?

We're committed to providing patients across the country with quality care, and this commitment begins with who we select as our caregivers. We've established a rigorous screening and credential verification process for each and every physician applicant, ensuring they meet the highest standards of qualification. All network doctors are U.S.-based, fully licensed, and share our desire to improve healthcare access and quality.

Do you verify credentials?

Yes. Each and every doctor in the physician network is credentialed through VerifPoint, an independent and NCQA certified credentials verification company.

Are physicians able to join on a part-time basis?

Yes. Many physicians choose to supplement their private practice or normal professional activities with part-time telehealth work, whereas others choose to see telehealth patients more frequently; both are available.

How are consults assigned to physicians in the network?

Consults are assigned primarily based on state licensure and state residency of the patients. However, physician availability is also a factor that determines how consults are routed. If a phsyician is not available to take an assignment, they can decline it and it will be forward to the next available physician licensed in the patient's state.

Joining the Network

Do I need any special training or certification to join?

No. Other than a holding a state license to practice medicine in good standing, all other training and skills will be provided by the TCN and InteractiveMD staff.

How much do physicians earn per consult?

Please see the posted billing and compensation information (login required) or contact Physician Services.

How do I join the physician network?

We welcome qualified, licensed physicians who are interested to contact us and speak with Physician Services about openings in the network. Current expertise in telehealth practice isn’t necessary for application.

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